At Goldberg & Cohn, LLP, we advocate on your behalf, we litigate, we protect your interests, we help to bring about solutions, we advise, we counsel, but most of all, we are there for you, our client, from the beginning to the end, every step of the way. Every client receives our focused attention, that all clients deserve. We pride ourselves on providing quality legal representation. Simply put, Goldberg & Cohn is there for you. Steven D. Cohn Esq. has served as local Counsel to Skadden Arps, Feder Kaszovitz LLP, Ropes & Gray LLP, Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abady LLP, Kriss & Feuerstein, LLP, to name a few.


Every matter or case presented to Goldberg & Cohn for potential representation is unique and contains many nuances, complex and otherwise. There is no one set way to approach a matter or issue or problem or other legal/business scenario. Our attorneys and network of professionals approach is to assess a situation, and to map out how to best move forward, using conventional, innovative and “out of the box” techniques and practices. We believe that being flexible and open, allows us to best move any process along. We are results oriented, and also try to provide “one stop shopping”, to cover all or most of your needs simultaneously. We aim to be the best that we can be.


Whether it be: Acting as of Counsel to big law firms or a matrimonial action or a criminal proceeding or writing an agreement or navigating the maze of government relations or an administrative law hearing or a child custody issue or child support issues or a civil proceeding, we provide services that are cost effective, yet highly productive, at the same time. We believe that a client ought to and deserves to receive value for money. As your lawyers, we are they to serve you.


Choosing and hiring a law firm, and its attorneys, can be daunting, and has so many unknowns in the beginning part of the process. Goldberg & Cohn operates on the belief, that once we are hired, and the potential client becomes a Goldberg & Cohn, LLP, client, is seeking piece of mind and a comfort level, allowing the attorney/client relationship to develop in time, moving towards the client realizing their goals. No one can guarantee absolute success, but we put all our best efforts, front and forward. Our business is client driven, allowing us to channel our knowledge and expertise, to provide the highest quality of legal services. Call or reach out to Goldberg & Cohn, LLP, and we will be happy to answer any questions or inquiries.